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-Visual arts and crafts, including, but not limited to: drawing, painting, sculpture, clay, ceramics, fiber, glass, leather, metal, paper, wood, mixed media; and
-Limited,numbered editions (up to 100) of lithographs, photography, silk screen, intaglios, etchings, and graphic design


-studio-primary focus is creating one of a kind art
-gallery-primary focus is displaying and selling one of a kind original art
-shop/gallery-secondary focus is displaying and selling one of a kind art
-art venue- secondary focus is the selling, displaying and/or creating one of a kind art 
-art related studio-primary focus is creating and/or selling objects needed for the creation of art
-alternative venue- primary focus is anything but the creation and/or selling of one of a kind art
outside booth venue-for participation in the Spring and/or Fall studio tours with a primary focus of selling one of a kind art

(as defined by the Louisiana Cultural Districts legislation)
-one of a kind
-visual art
-conceived and made by hand of the artist or under his direction; not intended for mass production 


-Active Louisiana Crafts Guild Members and ARTISTS from 2013 Corridor des Arts Open Studio Tour are automatically juried in to the Corridor des Arts Open Studio Tour and Art Market, upon availability. Although not required, sending images will increase the possibility of including work in media releases. Everyone must submit an application.
-All VENUES must be located within the Corridor des Arts boundaries. All VENUES with studios outside the designated area are welcome to submit as participants and are required to use host space provided by businesses, empty store fronts, etc. located within the Corridor des Arts boundaries. The Corridor des Arts committee will make every effort to assist with placement.
-Each ARTIST must submit 3 professionally presented pieces for the jury by the selection committee.
-Entries must be submitted for review in the following formats (quality images please)
-photos (4" x 6")
CD (4" x 6" images. Min 300 dpi) or jpegs (4"x6" images, min 300 dpi)
-Each image must include

-Artist's name
-Title of the art
-Description of the art
-Art medium
-Brief biography

-Artwork should be professionally presented in a designated section within the venue, containing no less than 80% original art as determined by the official Louisiana Cultural District rules.
-Artwork must be handmade, original to the artist, and of the artist's concept.
-Artist or venue, are to provide at least one photo or jpeg of proposed studio tour site with completed application
-Artist agrees to be present during the open studio tour's published times. Venues who display multiple artists must arrange to have at least one featured artist present during the open studio tour and are encouraged to invite as many artists as practical and feasible.
-Artist agrees to not break down before the scheduled end of the day 4:00 pm
-Artists are encouraged to participate both Saturday and Sunday, in the event that there is a conflict, one day participation is allowed…just designate which days you plan to show.


-You may apply as an ARTIST or a VENUE
-VENUE application fee is good for 1 year -$40
-ARTIST application fee covers one studio tour
Spring Tour $30
Fall Tour $30
ARTIST who agree to demonstrate for a total of 3 (three) hours during the tour will have their fees waved…
-VENUE membership include participation in studio tours, listing on the official Corridor des Arts website, Face Book page, and inclusion in all marketing. Applications without fee payment will not be considered. Only checks or money orders will be accepted.

Corridor des Arts is a grassroots multi-community initiative incubated  by the NuNu Arts & Culture Collective
Spring - Open Studio Tour
To Be Announced

Sunset         Grand Coteau         Arnaudville          Cecilia         Henderson
Sunset         Grand Coteau         Arnaudville          Cecilia         Henderson