Bayou Some Stuff
798 Napoleon Ave
Sunset, LA 70584
Marvel Guidry, Sunset, LA, Fused Glass
Tobyn LaVergne, Sunset, LA, Acrylics

Café Josephine
818 Napoleon Ave
Sunset, La 70584
Boogie Hebert,  Breaux Bridge, LA, Mixed Media 
Katherine Fontenot, Paintings, Sunset, LA
Jerilyn Guidry LaVergne, Sunset, LA, Fused Glass

The Funky Flea
829 A Napoleon Ave
Sunset, La 70584
Annie Hendrix, Sunset, LA, Clay & Glass Art
Bea Sibllle, Sunset, LA, Oil & Pastel Paintings
Bill & Nancy Darrow, Sunset, LA, Pottery
Body Sprays, Soaps & Oils
Cecil LaVergne, Sunset, LA, Fused Glass Art
Charles (Chick) Burgell - Metal Art
Cralla Romero, Abbeville, LA, Photography
Dianne Desormeaux, Porcelain Artist, Lafayette, La
Dusty Reed, Lafayette, LA, Paintings & Mixed Media
Edith Migues, Erath, LA, Paintings on Saw Blades & Cypress
Gretchen Erlington, Opelousas, Folk Art
Harriet Blum, Covington, LA, Hand Tinted Photography
Hazel Nowlin - Water color Paintings
Ilea McGee, Opelousas, LA, Painting- pen & ink Stippling
Jeremy Dugas, Lafayette, LA, Photography and Mixed Media
Jerilyn Guidry LaVergne, Sunset, LA,  Fused Glass
Jude Darbonne, Lafayette, LA, Cypress Knee Furniture
Kathleen Whithurst, Arnaudville, LA, Oil Paintings
Kelli Foret, Lafayette, LA, Paintings on Up-Cycled Materials
Kenneth Patin, Breaux Bridge, LA,  Metal Vases & Sculptures
Kenneth Vidrine, Lafayette, LA, Photography
Lacey Dupre, Lafayette, LA, Nutria Fur Jewelry
Leah Graeff, Sunset, LA, Photography, Gelatin Silver (Lith Print)
Margaret Brinkhaus, Sunset, LA, Gourd Art
Michelle Chappuis Broussard, Lafayette, LA, Photograpy
Penny Sonnier - Mixed Media
Ronald Scallon, Mansura, LA, Glass Art
Shawn Hunt - Rubboard Portrait Series - paintings of Zydeco 
musicians on corrugated substrates
Water Oak Farms, Caos, Sunset, LA, Handcrafted Linen & 
Yvonne Bogan, Lafayette, LA, Paintings & Mixed  Media

The Glass Porch
297 Pershing Hwy
Sunset, La 70584
Charla Guidry, Sunset, LA, Fused Glass

Handmade Metal Design & Secret Cypress
758 B Napoleon St
Sunset, LA
(318) 582-9014
David Duggins

Jerilyn’s Fused Glass Art Gallery
119 Castille Street
Sunset, La 70584
Jerilyn Guidry LaVergne
Sunset, LA, Fused Glass

La Caboose Specialties
145 S Budd St.
Sunset, LA
Margaret Brinkhaus, Sunset, LA, Gourd Art, Oil Paintings, 
Jewelry and Jelly 
Romantic Remnants
207 St. Landry Street
Sunset, LA
Heather Wager, Lawtell, LA, Mixed Media      

Sunset Antique Market
151 Leo Richard Lane
Sunset, LA
Charlotte Bienvenue, Crowley, LA, Handmade Leather Purses and Jewelry
Julie Nicholson, Lafayette, LA, Acrylics

Sunset Rail Stop Flea Market
312 Anna St.
Sunset, LA
Linda Willis, Opelousas, LA, Jewelry
Mellie Sibille Fontenot, Bristol, LA, (1922-2005), Oil Paintings

Artist in Action

Jerilyn’s Fused Glass Art Gallery
119 Castille Street
Sunset, La 70584
April 12, 2014                                             10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Spring - Open Studio Tour

Free and open to the public, this tour offers a unique opportunity to explore creative spaces along the back roads of rural Acadiana while enjoying one of the most exciting aspects of contemporary art—the chance to discuss art with the artists themselves.

Click on the Town name for a list of venues and artists.

Visit often.

Corridor des Arts Open Studio Tour in Sunset
- Outdoor Artists' Booths -

Annie Hendrix
Clay Art. Demonstrating.

Edith Migues
Painting on Saw Blades and Cypress. Demonstrating

Gretchen Erlington
Folk art – demonstrating

Ilea McGee
Painting - Pen & Ink Stippling. Demonstrating.

Kelli Foret
Painting on Up-Cycled Material. Demonstrating.

Linda Munchausen

Nancy Hauske
Stained Glass and Clay Art

Mandi Hidalgo
Prismacolor pencil drawings

Rhonda Thompson
Acrylics on Wood

Robbie Sebastien
Mixed media

Shawn Hunt
Rubboard Portrait Series, paintings of Zydeco musicians


Jerilyn’s Fused Glass Gallery 
   Jerilyn LaVernge, (Sat & Sun) demonstrating

The Funky Flea 
    Tony Bebee – mixed media.

The Sunset Rail Stop 
    Margaret Brinkhaus – gourds and paintings. (Sat) demonstrating

The Sunset Antique Market

The Glass Porch Studio
  Charla Guidry-fused glass

Bill Darrow, potter, demonstrating (Sat)

Rhonda Thompson, paintings on recycled wood (Sat)

Kelli Foret Richard, painting on recycled material, greeting cards, and Author of The Acadiana Art Trail Book – Demonstrating (Sat) 

Troy Leger, handmade furniture w/ recycled wood, iron, and metal (Sat)

Anne Matt, paintings on windows (Sat)